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Looking for Laser Work? No Problem!

What we have

We are equipped with a Fiber Laser that enables us to cut anything metal or polymer. We can custom draw something for you or bring your own design! Cost is on a case by case basis (depending on complexity of the design).

$50 Minimum for any Laser Work

NFA Engraving

We can engrave any of your NFA items to ATF spec (0.003" in depth and 1/16" min height). We are also able to get these markings in crafty places! 

$50 Per Item Marked

Custom Work

Sometimes the details you want aren't easily achievable with Cerakote and Stencils. As with this customer, the logo was painted on but he wanted to retain it on the refinished firearm. We were able to replace the markings as if it came from the factory that way!

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